<B>  Polystop Dropper Bottle , Dispensing Bottles , Wash Bottle Carrier

        Labeled Wash Bottles-wide Mouth , Narrow Mouth Wash Bottles

        Wide Mouth Wash Bottles , Biohazard Disposal Bags , Emergency Eye Wash Bottle

        Handle Beaker[pp] , Tpx Handle Beaker

<C>  Hand Held Electronic Colony Counter , Colony Conter System , Mess Cylinder

        Tpx Mess Cyclinder , Teflon Cock , Parts Tray 12-compartment , Five-compartment

        T-type Connectors [PP] , Y-type Connectors[PP] , Stepped Connectors[PP]

        Connecter Kits(Fitting Assortment) ,  5-in-1 Connectors Straight

        5-in-1 Connectors T-type , Quick Dis-connectors[PE]

        Plastic Tubing Cutter , Clamp-screw Compressor , Autoclavable Tubing Clamp

<D>  Vaccum Desiccator[PP] , All Clear Vaccum Desiccator[PC] , Write-on Label Dispenser

        Multiple Roll Tape Dispenser , Microscope Slide Dispenser

<F>   High-speed Filter Funnels , Powder Funnel , Flow Indicator , Flow Monitor[PS]

         Fillpour Dialysis Tube Funnels , Glass Filled Nylon Forcep , Teflon Forcep

         Teflon Coating Forcep , Curved Teflon Coating Forcep

<G>  Biohazard Autoclave Gloves , Uv Goggles

<H>  Thermajust Infra-red Heater

<I>   Ice Bucket , Frigimat Dry Ice Maker , Frigmat Junior Dry Ice Maker

<J>   Colpin Jar , Dispensing Jug , Dispensing Jug Rack , Plastic Lab Jack

<M>  Belpen Markers , Mercury Collector , Lab-mat/Safety Red For Biohazard

<P>   Ipet Jars , Pipet Basket , Pipet Rinser , The Fast-release Pipette Pump

        Hot Hand Protector , Diamond Pencil

<R>  Serum Vial Racks , Spectro Cell Rack ,  Cuvette Racks , Poxygrid 50ml Centrifuge       

        Tube Racks ,  No-wire Autoclavable Test Racks , No-wire Micro Tube Racks

        No-wire Autoclavable Vial And Bottle Racks , Nmr Sample Tube Rack[Pp]

        Micro Centrifuge Tube Rack[PP] , Economy Floating Racks , Bubble Rack[TPX]

        Round Economy Floating Rack , Pipette Tray Rack , Bench Lab Rack[PE]

        Drying Rack[Pe] , Drying Rack With Drip Trough , Pipette Tray[Epoxy-coated]

        Micro Pipette Racks , Pipette Support Rack[PP] , Rotary Separatory Funnel Rack     

        [분액여두 대] , Hydrometer Rack[PP] , Four Way Microtube Rack , Teflon Retrievers

<S>   Slide Stainning[PE] , Micro Spatulas , Lab Spoon[PE] ,  Sampler Spoon[PE] , Scoop[PE]

        Octagon Spin Bar , Flea Micro Bar , Polygon Spin Bar , Spin Wedge Bar , Spin Fin Bar

        Double Spin Bar , Spin Vane 1ml Vials , Spin Vane 3~5vials , Cell Spin Bar

        Egg Bars[For Gound Flask] , Spin Plus , Spin Star For Beaker , Spin Bar Assortment Box

        Egg Bar Assortment Box , Spin Bar Retrievers[PE] , Policeman[PP] , Stirring Rod[TFE]

        Three Zone Powder Sampler , Liquid Sampler , Spindrive Orbital Shaker Platform

        Spindrive Vibating Platform , Teflon Sleeves  Support Stand

<T>  Tissue Grinder[PP]Conical ,Tissue Grinders[PP]Spherical , Drying Tube , Clear Tubing

        Gas Sampling Bulbs , Write-on Label Tape

 <V>  Vinyl-coated Lead Rings , Vibrasorb Vibration Damping Mount